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Versions after 0.7.1 follow CalVer with a strict backwards compatibility policy. The third digit is only for regressions.

Changes for the upcoming release can be found in the wokkel/newsfragments directory.

Wokkel 18.0.0rc3 (2018-02-28)


  • Wokkel has been ported to Python 3. (#81)
  • wokkel.pubsub.PubSubClient now supports retrieving items by identifier. (#82)


  • wokkel.generic.Request.stanzaType now defaults to the value of the class variable if stanzaType is not passed to __init__. (#80)
  • wokkel.delay.Delay.fromElement now also catches TypeError when parsing timestamps, to work around a bug in dateutil. (#83)
  • wokkel.muc.MUCClientProtocol now properly updates user role and affiliation upon presence updates. (#84)

Deprecations and Removals

  • wokkel.generic.prepareIDNName is deprecated in favor of unicode.encode('idna'). (#85)
  • Python 2.6 and older are no longer supported. (#86)
  • wokkel.compat no longer includes named and value constants (now in twisted.python.constants through constantly). (#87)
  • wokkel.compat no longer includes BootstrapMixin and XmlStreamServerFactory, as they are included in the required version of Twisted. (#88)

0.7.1 (2013-01-12)


  • wokkel.generic.Request.parseRequest is a new convenience hook for parsing the payload of incoming requests using fromElement.
  • wokkel.xmppim.RosterItem can now represent item removals and has methods for XML (de-)serialization (#71).
  • wokkel.xmppim.RosterRequest is a new class to represent roster request stanzas (#71).
  • wokkel.xmppim.RosterClientProtocol.getRoster now returns the roster indexed by JID (#71).
  • wokkel.xmppim.RosterClientProtocol uses the new RosterRequest for sending outgoing requests, using the new request semantics (#71).
  • wokkel.xmppim.RosterClientProtocol uses the new RosterRequest to provide access to addressing and roster version information in the new callbacks for roster pushes (#71).
  • wokkel.xmppim.RosterPushIgnored can be raised for unwanted roster pushes (#71).
  • wokkel.xmppim.RosterClientProtocol and RosterRequest now support roster versioning.
  • With the new wokkel.xmppim.RosterClientProtocol.setItem roster items can be added or updated (#56).


  • wokkel.component.Component now reconnects if first attempt failed (#75).
  • wokkel.xmppim.RosterClientProtocol now properly checks sender addresses for roster pushes (#71).
  • Make sure twistd plugins are installed properly (#76).
  • wokkel.component.Router.route now sends back an error if there is no known route to the stanza's destination.
  • Properly encode IDN domain names for establishing client and server connections. This resolves an issue with Twisted 12.3.0 that made it impossible to initiate any connection using Wokkel (#77).


  • wokkel.xmppim.RosterItem.jid is deprecated in favor of entity (#71).
  • wokkel.xmppim.RosterItem.ask is deprecated in favor of pendingOut (#71).
  • wokkel.xmppim.RosterClientProtocol.onRosterSet is deprecated in favor of setReceived (#71).
  • wokkel.xmppim.RosterClientProtocol.onRosterRemove is deprecated in favor of removeReceived (#71).

0.7.0 (2012-01-23)


  • Added method wokkel.data_form.Form.typeCheck for type checking incoming Data Forms submissions against field definitions.
  • Added method wokkel.data_form.Form.makeFields to add fields from a dictionary mapping field names to values.
  • Added public function wokkel.data_form.findForm for extracting Data Forms from stanzas.
  • PubSubRequest.options is now a wokkel.data_form.Form.
  • wokkel.data_form.Form can now be used as a read-only dictionary.
  • Added support for configuration options in Publish-Subscribe node create requests.
  • Added support for subscription options in Publish-Subscribe subscribe requests (#63).
  • Added support for Publish Subscribe subscription identifiers.
  • wokkel.pubsub.Item can now be used to send out notifications, too.
  • Added a twistd plugin to set up a basic XMPP server that accepts component connections and provides server-to-server (dialback) connectivity.
  • Added support for managing affiliations of Publish-Subscribe nodes, server-side.
  • Added iq request (set/get) tracking to StreamManager and provide a new base class for such requests: wokkel.generic.Request. Unlike twisted.words.protocols.jabber.xmlstream.IQ, Such requests can be queued until the connection is initialized, with timeouts running from the moment request was called (instead of when it was sent over the wire).
  • Added support for Delayed Delivery information formats.
  • Added support for XMPP Multi-User Chat, client side (#24).


  • XMPP Ping handler now marks incoming ping requests as handled, so the FallbackHandler doesn't respond, too. (#66)
  • Incorporate Twisted changes for component password hashes.
  • Completed test coverage for Data Forms.
  • Made sure Data Forms field labels don't get overwritten (#60).
  • Service Discovery identity is now reported correctly for legacy PubSubService use (#64).
  • Various smaller Service Discovery fixes for PubSubService.
  • Completed test coverage for Service Discovery support.
  • Publish Subscribe events with stanza type error are now ignored (#69).
  • Publish Subscribe requests with multiple 'verbs' are now properly parsed (#72).
  • Publish Subscribe requests that have no legacy support in PubSubService will now result in a feature-not-implemented error (#70).
  • Publish Subscribe subscription elements now have the correct namespace when sent out.
  • Incorporated Twisted changes for passing on a reason Failure upon stream disconnect.
  • Fixed race condition and nesting issues when adding subprotocol handlers to their StreamManager (#48).
  • Reimplemented Service Discovery requests using new Request class. By reusing common code, this fixes a problem with requests without addressing (#73).


  • wokkel.compat.BootstrapMixin is deprecated in favor of twisted.words.xish.xmlstream.BootstrapMixin (Twisted 8.2.0).
  • wokkel.compat.XmlStreamServerFactory is deprecated in favor of twisted.words.protocols.jabber.xmlstream.XmlStreamServerFactory (Twisted 8.2.0).
  • wokkel.iwokkel.IXMPPHandler is deprecated in favor of twisted.words.protocols.jabber.ijabber.IXMPPHandler (Twisted 8.1.0).
  • wokkel.iwokkel.IXMPPHandlerCollection is deprecated in favor of twisted.words.protocols.jabber.ijabber.IXMPPHandlerCollection (Twisted 8.1.0).
  • wokkel.subprotocols.XMPPHandlerCollection is deprecated in favor of twisted.words.protocols.jabber.xmlstream.XMPPHandlerCollection (Twisted 8.1.0).

0.6.3 (2009-08-20)


  • Add a jid attribute to XMPPClient (#18).
  • Add a better presence protocol handler PresenceProtocol. This handler is also useful for component or in-server use.


  • Use fallback port 5222 for failed SRV lookups for clients (#26).

0.6.2 (2009-07-08)


  • Add support for XMPP Ping (XEP-0199), doubling as example protocol handler (#55).
  • Provide examples for setting up clients, components and servers (#55).
  • Make Service Discovery support accept non-deferred results from getDiscoInfo and getDiscoItems (#55).

0.6.1 (2009-07-06)


  • Add an optional sender parameter for Service Discovery requests (#52).


  • Fix regression in DeferredClientFactory (#51).
  • Make IQ timeouts work with InternalComponent (#53).

0.6.0 (2009-04-22)


  • Server-to-server support, based on the dialback protocol (#33).
  • Enhancement to InternalProtocol to support multiple domains (#43).
  • Publish-subscribe request abstraction (#45).
  • Publish-subscribe abstraction to implement a node in code (#47).
  • Enhancement to PubSubClient to send requests from a specific JID (#46).


  • Remove type interpretation in Data Forms field parsing code (#44).

0.5.0 (2009-04-07)

This release drops support for Twisted versions older than 8.0, including Twisted 2.5 / Twisted Words 0.5.


  • Support for sending and receiving Publish-Subscribe node delete notifications with redirect.
  • Service Discovery client support, including an overhaul of disco data classes (#28).
  • Initial support for building XMPP servers has been added:
    • XmlStreamServerFactory has been backported from Twisted Words (#29).
    • An XMPP router has been added (#30).
    • A server-side component authenticator has been added (#30).
    • A new server-side component service, that connects to a router within the same process, was added (#31).


  • Publish-Subscribe subscriptions requests work again (#22).
  • Publish-Subscribe delete node requests now have the correct namespace (#27).
  • NodeIDs in Service Discovery requests are now returned in responses (#7).
  • The presence of stanzaType in toResponse is now checked correctly (#34).
  • Data Form fields are now rendered depending on form type (#40).
  • Data Form type checking issues were addressed (#41).
  • Some compatibility fixes for Twisted 8.0 and 8.1.
  • Various other fixes (#37, #42) and tracking changes to code already in Twisted.

0.4.0 (2008-08-05)

  • Refactoring of Data Forms support (#13).
  • Added support for Stanza Headers and Internet Metadata (SHIM) (#14).
  • API change for PubSubClient's methods called upon event reception (#14).
  • Added client-side support for removing roster items.
  • Implement type checking for data forms (#15).
  • Added support for publish-subscribe collections:
    • Correct handling for the root node (empty node identifier).
    • Send out SHIM 'Collection' header when appropriate.
    • New Subscription class for working with subscriptions.
    • API change for PubSubService:
      • The subscribe method returns a deferred that fires a Subscription
      • The subscriptions method returns a deferred that fires a list of Subscriptions.
      • notifyPublish's notifications parameter now expects a list of tuples that includes a list of subscriptions.
  • Added PubSubService.notifyDelete to allow sending out node deletion notifications.

0.3.1 (2008-04-22)

  • Fix broken version request handler.

0.3.0 (2008-04-21)

First release.

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