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Many new patches, upstreamed affiliations and worked on pubsub item.
Upstreamed pubsub_manage_affiliations

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  • wokkel/

    # HG changeset patch
    # Parent 2d57501b5c68d776489bdb9558b41c446c7c56f1
    diff -r 2d57501b5c68 -r f9bd41295efe wokkel/
    a b  
     13import warnings
    1315from zope.interface import implements
    1517from twisted.internet import defer
    10911093            if not nodeInfo:
    10921094                return
     1096            if 'meta-data' in nodeInfo and 'type' in nodeInfo:
     1097                warnings.warn("passing node info using key 'meta-data' is deprecated", DeprecationWarning)
    10941098            (nodeType, metaData) = nodeInfo['type'], nodeInfo['meta-data']
    10951099            info.append(disco.DiscoIdentity('pubsub', nodeType))
    10961100            if metaData:
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