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Start port to Python 3.

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  • wokkel/

    # HG changeset patch
    # Parent  15fb602347904ff6e41ca63421c07c23e6974c56
    diff --git a/wokkel/ b/wokkel/
    a b  
    77XMPP External Component utilities.
     10from __future__ import division, absolute_import
    1012from twisted.application import service
    1113from twisted.internet import reactor
    1214from twisted.python import log
     15from twisted.python.compat import unicode
    1316from twisted.words.protocols.jabber.jid import internJID as JID
    1417from twisted.words.protocols.jabber import component, error, xmlstream
    1518from twisted.words.xish import domish
    102105    components of this type connect to a router in the same process. This
    103106    allows for one-process XMPP servers.
    105     @ivar domains: Domains (as C{str}) this component will handle traffic for.
    106     @type domains: C{set}
     108    @ivar domains: Domains (as L{unicode}) this component will handle traffic
     109        for.
     110    @type domains: L{set}
    107111    """
    109113    def __init__(self, router, domain=None):
    173177    Authenticator for accepting components.
    175179    @ivar secret: The shared used to authorized incoming component connections.
    176     @type secret: C{unicode}.
     180    @type secret: L{unicode}.
    177181    """
    179183    namespace = NS_COMPONENT_ACCEPT
    274278    Connected components are trusted to have correct addressing in the
    275279    stanzas they offer for routing.
    277     A route destination of C{None} adds a default route. Traffic for which no
     281    A route destination of L{None} adds a default route. Traffic for which no
    278282    specific route exists, will be routed to this default route.
    280284    @ivar routes: Routes based on the host part of JIDs. Maps host names to the
    281285        L{EventDispatcher<twisted.words.xish.utility.EventDispatcher>}s that
    282         should receive the traffic. A key of C{None} means the default route.
    283     @type routes: C{dict}
     286        should receive the traffic. A key of L{None} means the default route.
     287    @type routes: L{dict}
    284288    """
    286290    def __init__(self):
    296300        C{destination} will be passed to this stream.
    298302        @param destination: Destination of the route to be added as a host name
    299                             or C{None} for the default route.
    300         @type destination: C{str} or C{NoneType}
     303                            or L{None} for the default route.
     304        @type destination: L{unicode} or L{NoneType}
    302306        @param xs: XML Stream to register the route for.
    303307        @type xs:
    312316        Remove a route.
    314318        @param destination: Destination of the route that should be removed.
    315         @type destination: C{str}.
     319        @type destination: L{unicode}
    317321        @param xs: XML Stream to remove the route for.
    318322        @type xs:
  • wokkel/test/

    diff --git a/wokkel/test/ b/wokkel/test/
    a b  
    55Tests for L{wokkel.component}.
     8from __future__ import division, absolute_import
    810from zope.interface.verify import verifyObject
    1012from twisted.internet.base import BaseConnector
    312314        """
    313315        Test routing of a message using the default route.
    315         The default route is the one with C{None} as its key in the
     317        The default route is the one with L{None} as its key in the
    316318        routing table. It is taken when there is no more specific route
    317319        in the routing table that matches the stanza's destination.
    318320        """
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