source: ralphm-patches @ 44:a159804a94f2

Name Size Rev Age Author Last Change
.hgignore 39 bytes 0:2ee3c093fda4   13 years ralphm Setup mq patch repository.
disco_simplify_gatherResults.patch 1.1 KB 43:db824c2e8652   12 years ralphm Split out gatherResults changes, apply pubsub and disco fixes upstream.
pubsub-item.patch 4.2 KB 26:59ace4d1df68   13 years ralphm Clean up patches, more tests, adjust copyright statements to new year.
roster_item.patch 6.0 KB 36:f2953cadca90   13 years ralphm Work on roster item representation.
roster_server.patch 2.9 KB 37:03cd0cb8548c   13 years ralphm Create factory for accepting c2s connections, split out session manager.
s2s-controller.patch 5.7 KB 15:3fd4aaba4a99   13 years ralphm Save recent work.
series 171 bytes 44:a159804a94f2   12 years ralphm Upstreamed component_server.patch.
xmpp_client_service.patch 40.4 KB 41:2a1d87409c11   12 years ralphm Minor cleanups, have handlers return boolean that sets presence.handled.
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