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Add a twistd plugin to set-up a basic XMPP server that accepts components.

This adds a simple twistd plugin that can be configured to accept s2s
connections for a predefined list of domains, and also accepts External
Component connections that service those domains.

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1#!/usr/bin/env python
3# Copyright (c) 2003-2010 Ralph Meijer
4# See LICENSE for details.
6from setuptools import setup
9      version='0.6.3',
10      description='Twisted Jabber support library',
11      author='Ralph Meijer',
12      author_email='',
13      maintainer_email='',
14      url='',
15      license='MIT',
16      platforms='any',
17      packages=[
18          'wokkel',
19          'wokkel.test',
20          'twisted.plugins',
21      ],
22      package_data={'twisted.plugins': ['twisted/plugins/']},
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