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../ 96 bytes 1:677f7d3cca75   15 years ralphm Initial, heavily worked around code drop from the idavoll and mimir … 3.1 KB 46:4ee1f9c08b22   14 years ralphm If provided, return NodeID in the response for Service Discovery … 3.2 KB 42:93675ba90f36   14 years ralphm Change clientCreator to use the JID passed to the factory correctly. … 7.1 KB 44:2c222a21d538   14 years ralphm Bring compat in line with Twisted trunk regarding XmlStreamServerFactory?. 12.6 KB 41:72fa7b817767   14 years ralphm Compatibility fixes for Twisted 8.0 and 8.1. 10.5 KB 51:d6bbf24ef053   14 years ralphm Address Data Form type checking issues. Author: ralphm. Reviewer: … 24.8 KB 49:50a84c44cbf1   14 years ralphm Add Service Discovery client protocol and overhaul data classes. … 2.7 KB 35:eb020b49a77d   14 years ralphm Add XMPP router and server side component authenticator. Author: … 35.4 KB 47:895c67e2ed9f   14 years ralphm Track namespace constant name change in disco module and add minimal … 3.1 KB 27:d62d7ea14995   14 years ralphm Implement SHIM support. Author: ralphm. Fixes #14. This changes the … 17.6 KB 45:125f9d902a20   14 years ralphm Bring subprotocols code in line with Twisted trunk. 3.8 KB 28:65fd5f2bd59e   14 years ralphm Add client side support for removing a roster item.
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