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test 120:9548851ca5ac   14 years tofu implement error conditions 146 bytes 1:677f7d3cca75   15 years ralphm Initial, heavily worked around code drop from the idavoll and mimir … 5.0 KB 14:312a60e100c4   15 years ralphm Make sure the deferred is fired by the stream manager, so that the … 2.3 KB 8:af29fb9001cb   15 years ralphm Add compatiblity module to have wokkel work with Twisted Words 0.5. … 1.5 KB 6:283b6997cf7d   15 years ralphm Support services on a JID. Author: ralphm Fixes #2. 13.5 KB 29:dd4e908b9d12   14 years ralphm Implement type checking in data forms and incoming pubsub node config. … 4.6 KB 108:50e3c368f2f3   14 years tofu add basic errors and disco stuff, still need iq and message parts re #24 3.4 KB 12:d27bd18a2e5c   15 years ralphm Add preliminary support for formats used with publish-subscribe. 3.2 KB 30:68535ae85c8d   14 years ralphm Add support for pubsub collections. 21.3 KB 113:cb4051e2f51a   14 years tofu some documentation and additions to the interface, also some more … 34.1 KB 124:e0750258b9ee   14 years tofu typo fix 32.9 KB 30:68535ae85c8d   14 years ralphm Add support for pubsub collections. 1.2 KB 27:d62d7ea14995   14 years ralphm Implement SHIM support. Author: ralphm. Fixes #14. This changes the … 9.8 KB 22:9edffdf4aee4   14 years ralphm Clarify use of IQHandlerMixin, fix some doc strings. 12.8 KB 28:65fd5f2bd59e   14 years ralphm Add client side support for removing a roster item.
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