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Nov 14, 2011, 8:53:11 PM (11 years ago)
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Add client side support for XMPP Multi-User Chat.

Author: tofu, ralphm.
Reviewer: ralphm.
Fixes #24.

This adds wokkel.muc with client side support for the XMPP Multi-User Chat
protocol along with a simple MUC client example:

  • Adds parsers and containers for MUC protocol extensions to presence stanzas and for iq exchanges, tied together in a subprotocol handler MUCClientProtocol.
  • Provides a higher level handler MUCClient that keeps record of Rooms
  • the client is in and Users that occupy it.
  • Adds read-only status property to wokkel.xmppim.AvailabilityPresence that is a single item view on the statuses instance variable.
  • Splits core functionality from PresenceProtocol into BasePresenceProtocol. This allows MUCClientProtocol to base off it, with different requirements to handling incoming presence and sending out MUC-annotated presence to rooms.
  • Add wokkel.xmppim.Message, a basic message container that derives from wokkel.generic.Stanza to parse and render message stanzas.
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