Service that initiates an XMPP client connection.

Method __init__ Construct a stream manager.
Method startService Start the service.
Method stopService Stop the service.
Method initializationFailed Called when stream initialization has failed.
Method _authd Called when the stream has been initialized.
Method _getConnection Undocumented

Inherited from StreamManager:

Instance Variable xmlstream currently managed XML stream (type: XmlStream)
Instance Variable logTraffic if true, log all traffic. (type: bool)
Instance Variable timeout Default IQ request timeout in seconds. (type: int)
Method addHandler Add protocol handler.
Method send Send data over the XML stream.
Method request Send an IQ request and track the response.
Instance Variable _initialized Whether the stream represented by xmlstream has been initialized. This is used when caching outgoing stanzas. (type: bool)
Instance Variable _packetQueue internal buffer of unsent data. See send for details. (type: list)
Instance Variable _reactor A provider of IReactorTime to track timeouts.
Method _connected Called when the transport connection has been established.
Method _disconnected Called when the stream has been closed.
Method _onIQResponse Handle iq response by firing associated deferred.

Inherited from XMPPHandlerCollection (via StreamManager):

Instance Variable handlers List of protocol handlers. (type: list of objects providing IXMPPHandler)
Method __iter__ Act as a container for handlers.
Method removeHandler Remove protocol handler.

Inherited from Service:

Method __getstate__ Undocumented
Method setName Set the name of the service.
Method setServiceParent Set the parent of the service. This method is responsible for setting the parent attribute on this service (the child service).
Method disownServiceParent Use this API to remove an IService from an IServiceCollection.
Method privilegedStartService Do preparation work for starting the service.
def __init__(self, jid, password, host=None, port=5222): (source)

Construct a stream manager.

ParametersfactoryThe stream factory to connect with.
reactorA provider of IReactorTime to track timeouts. If not provided, the global reactor will be used.
def startService(self): (source)
def stopService(self): (source)

Stop the service.

Returnsa Deferred which is triggered when the service has finished shutting down. If shutting down is immediate, a value can be returned (usually, None). (type: Deferred)
def _authd(self, xs): (source)

Called when the stream has been initialized.

Save the JID that we were assigned by the server, as the resource might differ from the JID we asked for. This is stored on the authenticator by its constituent initializers.

def initializationFailed(self, reason): (source)

Called when stream initialization has failed.

Stop the service (thereby disconnecting the current stream) and raise the exception.

def _getConnection(self): (source)
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