XMPP Client support.

This module holds several improvements on top of Twisted's XMPP support that should probably eventually move there.

Class CheckAuthInitializer Check what authentication methods are available.
Class HybridAuthenticator Initializes an XmlStream connecting to an XMPP server as a Client.
Function HybridClientFactory Client factory for XMPP 1.0.
Class XMPPClient Service that initiates an XMPP client connection.
Class DeferredClientFactory No class docstring; 2/3 methods documented
Class XMPPClientConnector Undocumented
Function clientCreator Undocumented
def HybridClientFactory(jid, password): (source)

Client factory for XMPP 1.0.

This is similar to client.XMPPClientFactory but also tries non-SASL autentication.

def clientCreator(factory): (source)
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