Method __init__

Inherited from IQ:

Instance Variable timeout if set, a timeout period after which the deferred returned by send will have its errback called with a TimeoutError failure. (type: float)
Method send Send out this iq.

Inherited from Element (via IQ):

Instance Variable uri URI of this Element's name (type: unicode or None)
Instance Variable name Name of this Element (type: unicode)
Instance Variable defaultUri URI this Element exists within (type: unicode or None)
Instance Variable children List of child Elements and content (type: list)
Instance Variable parent Reference to the parent Element, if any. (type: Element)
Instance Variable attributes Dictionary of attributes associated with this Element. (type: dict)
Instance Variable localPrefixes Dictionary of namespace declarations on this element. The key is the prefix to bind the namespace uri to. (type: dict)
Method __getattr__ Undocumented
Method __getitem__ Undocumented
Method __delitem__ Undocumented
Method __setitem__ Undocumented
Method __unicode__ Retrieve the first CData (content) node
Method __bytes__ Retrieve the first character data node as UTF-8 bytes.
Method getAttribute Retrieve the value of attribname, if it exists
Method hasAttribute Determine if the specified attribute exists
Method compareAttribute Safely compare the value of an attribute against a provided value.
Method swapAttributeValues Swap the values of two attribute.
Method addChild Add a child to this Element.
Method addContent Add some text data to this Element.
Method addElement Create an element and add as child.
Method addRawXml Add a pre-serialized chunk o' XML as a child of this Element.
Method addUniqueId Add a unique (across a given Python session) id attribute to this Element.
Method elements Iterate across all children of this Element that are Elements.
Method toXml Serialize this Element and all children to a string.
Method firstChildElement Undocumented
Method _dqa Dequalify an attribute key as needed
def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): (source)
ParametersxmlstreamXmlStream to use for transmission of this IQ (type: xmlstream.XmlStream)
stanzaTypeIQ type identifier ('get' or 'set') (type: str)
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