A Service Discovery request.

Instance Variable verb Type of request: 'info' or 'items'. (type: str)
Instance Variable nodeIdentifier Optional node to request info for. (type: unicode)
Method __init__ Undocumented
Method parseElement Parse the stanza element.
Method toElement Undocumented

Inherited from Request:

Method parseRequest Called with the request's child element for parsing.

Inherited from Stanza (via Request):

Instance Variable sender The sending entity. (type: jid.JID)
Instance Variable recipient The receiving entity. (type: jid.JID)
Class Method fromElement Create a stanza from a domish.Element.
verb =
Type of request: 'info' or 'items'. (type: str)
nodeIdentifier =
Optional node to request info for. (type: unicode)
def __init__(self, verb=None, nodeIdentifier='', recipient=None, sender=None): (source)
def parseElement(self, element): (source)

Parse the stanza element.

This is called with the stanza's element when a Stanza is created using fromElement. It parses the stanza's core attributes (addressing, type and id), strips the namespace from the stanza element for easier transport across streams and passes on child elements for further parsing.

Child element parsers are defined by providing a childParsers attribute on a subclass, as a mapping from (URI, name) to the name of the handler on self. parseElement will accumulate childParsers from its class hierarchy, iterate over the child elements and pass it to matching handlers based on the child element's URI and name. The special key of None can be used to pass all child elements to.

def toElement(self): (source)
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