Known subclasses: wokkel.disco._DiscoRequest, wokkel.muc._FormRequest, wokkel.muc.AdminStanza, wokkel.muc.DestructionRequest, wokkel.xmppim.RosterRequest

IQ request stanza.

This is a base class for IQ get or set stanzas, to be used with wokkel.subprotocols.StreamManager.request.

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method parseRequest Called with the request's child element for parsing.
Method toElement Undocumented

Inherited from Stanza:

Instance Variable sender The sending entity. (type: jid.JID)
Instance Variable recipient The receiving entity. (type: jid.JID)
Class Method fromElement Create a stanza from a domish.Element.
Method parseElement Parse the stanza element.
def __init__(self, recipient=None, sender=None, stanzaType=None): (source)
def parseRequest(self, element): (source)

Called with the request's child element for parsing.

When a request instance is created using fromElement, this method is called with the child element of the iq. Override this method for parsing the request's payload.

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