Support library for Twisted applications using XMPP protocols.

Module client XMPP Client support.
Module compat Compatibility module to provide backwards compatibility with Twisted features.
Module component XMPP External Component utilities.
Module componentservertap XMPP Component Service.
Module data_form Data Forms.
Module delay Delayed Delivery.
Module disco XMPP Service Discovery.
Module formats Generic payload formats.
Module generic Generic XMPP protocol helpers.
Module iwokkel Wokkel interfaces.
Module muc XMPP Multi-User Chat protocol.
Module ping XMPP Ping.
Module pubsub XMPP publish-subscribe protocol.
Module server XMPP Server-to-Server protocol.
Module shim XMPP Stanza Headers and Internet Metadata.
Module subprotocols XMPP subprotocol support.
Module xmppim XMPP IM protocol support.
Module _version Undocumented
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