XMPP Multi-User Chat protocol.

This protocol is specified in XEP-0045.

Class STATUS_CODE Undocumented
Class Statuses Container of MUC status conditions.
Class ConfigureRequest Configure MUC room request.
Class RegisterRequest Register request.
Class AdminItem Item representing role and/or affiliation for admin request.
Class AdminStanza An admin request or response.
Class DestructionRequest Room destruction request.
Class GroupChat A groupchat message.
Class PrivateChat A chat message.
Class InviteMessage Undocumented
Class HistoryOptions A history configuration object.
Class BasicPresence Availability presence sent from MUC client to service.
Class UserPresence Availability presence sent from MUC service to client.
Class VoiceRequest Voice request message.
Class MUCClientProtocol Multi-User Chat client protocol.
Class User A user/entity in a multi-user chat room.
Class Room A Multi User Chat Room.
Class MUCClient Multi-User Chat client protocol.
Class _FormRequest Base class for form exchange requests.
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