Known subclasses: wokkel.pubsub.Unsupported

Exception with publish-subscribe specific condition.

Method __init__ Undocumented

Inherited from StanzaError:

Instance Variable type The stanza error type. Gives a suggestion to the recipient of the error on how to proceed. (type: str)
Instance Variable code A numeric identifier for the error condition for backwards compatibility with pre-XMPP Jabber implementations.
Method getElement Get XML representation from self.
Method toResponse Construct error response stanza.

Inherited from BaseError (via StanzaError):

Class Variable namespace The namespace of the error element generated by getElement. (type: str)
Instance Variable condition The error condition. The valid values are defined by subclasses of BaseError.
Instance Variable text Optional text message to supplement the condition or application specific condition. (type: unicode)
Instance Variable textLang Identifier of the language used for the message in text. Values are as described in RFC 3066. (type: str)
Instance Variable appCondition Application specific condition element, supplementing the error condition in condition. (type: object providing domish.IElement.)
Method __str__ Undocumented
def __init__(self, condition, pubsubCondition, feature=None, text=None): (source)
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