XMPP Server-to-Server protocol.

This module implements several aspects of XMPP server-to-server communications as described in XMPP Core (RFC 3920). Refer to that document for the meaning of the used terminology.

Function generateKey Generate a dialback key for server-to-server XMPP Streams.
Function trapStreamError Trap stream errors.
Class XMPPServerConnector Undocumented
Class DialbackFailed Undocumented
Class OriginatingDialbackInitializer Server Dialback Initializer for the Orginating Server.
Class ReceivingDialbackInitializer Server Dialback Initializer for the Receiving Server.
Class XMPPServerConnectAuthenticator Authenticator for an outgoing XMPP server-to-server connection.
Class XMPPServerVerifyAuthenticator Authenticator for an outgoing connection to verify an incoming connection.
Class XMPPServerListenAuthenticator Authenticator for an incoming XMPP server-to-server connection.
Class DeferredS2SClientFactory Deferred firing factory for initiating XMPP server-to-server connection.
Function initiateS2S Undocumented
Class XMPPS2SServerFactory XMPP Server-to-Server Server factory.
Class ServerService Service for managing XMPP server to server connections.
def generateKey(secret, receivingServer, originatingServer, streamID): (source)

Generate a dialback key for server-to-server XMPP Streams.

The dialback key is generated using the algorithm described in XEP-0185. The used terminology for the parameters is described in RFC-3920.

Parameterssecretthe shared secret known to the Originating Server and Authoritive Server. (type: unicode)
receivingServerthe Receiving Server host name. (type: unicode)
originatingServerthe Originating Server host name. (type: unicode)
streamIDthe Stream ID as generated by the Receiving Server. (type: unicode)
Returnshexadecimal digest of the generated key.
def trapStreamError(xs, observer): (source)

Trap stream errors.

This wraps an observer to catch exceptions. In case of a error.StreamError, it is send over the given XML stream. All other exceptions yield a 'internal-server-error' stream error, that is sent over the stream, while the exception is logged.

ReturnsWrapped observer
def initiateS2S(factory): (source)
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