XMPP IM protocol support.

This module provides generic implementations for the protocols defined in RFC 6121 (XMPP IM).

Class Presence Undocumented
Class AvailablePresence Undocumented
Class UnavailablePresence Undocumented
Class PresenceClientProtocol No class docstring; 12/21 methods documented
Class BasePresence Stanza of kind presence.
Class AvailabilityPresence Presence.
Class SubscriptionPresence Presence subscription request or response.
Class ProbePresence Presence probe request.
Class BasePresenceProtocol XMPP Presence base protocol handler.
Class PresenceProtocol No class docstring; 15/15 methods documented
Class RosterItem Roster item.
Class RosterRequest Roster request.
Class RosterPushIgnored Raised when this entity doesn't want to accept/trust a roster push.
Class Roster In-memory roster container.
Class RosterClientProtocol Client side XMPP roster protocol.
Class Message A message stanza.
Class MessageProtocol Generic XMPP subprotocol handler for incoming message stanzas.
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