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(edit) @40:2bcb10fb4da4   14 years ralphm Track changes to Twisted branch for the XMPP router.
(edit) @39:a9e354f69018   14 years ralphm Add Internal Component service that connects to a router in-process. …
(edit) @38:b7c38c06f727   14 years ralphm Add missing tests for server factory and fix small naming error.
(edit) @37:fdc4860de17d   14 years ralphm Fix test for presence of stanzaType in toResponse. Author: caedes, …
(edit) @36:aaa55b057292   14 years ralphm Remove unused import.
(edit) @35:eb020b49a77d   14 years ralphm Add XMPP router and server side component authenticator. Author: …
(edit) @34:5d34b8c88a55   14 years ralphm Backport XmlStreamServerFactory?. Author: ralphm. Fixes #29. This …
(edit) @33:b3eb970f4af7   14 years ralphm Use correct namespace for delete node requests. Author: caedes. …
(edit) @32:55864b12be3d   14 years ralphm Make requests for subscriptions work again. Author: mmalone (ralphm). …
(edit) @31:45f3d59431c2   14 years ralphm Release Wokkel 0.4.0.
(edit) @30:68535ae85c8d   14 years ralphm Add support for pubsub collections.
(edit) @29:dd4e908b9d12   14 years ralphm Implement type checking in data forms and incoming pubsub node config. …
(edit) @28:65fd5f2bd59e   14 years ralphm Add client side support for removing a roster item.
(edit) @27:d62d7ea14995   14 years ralphm Implement SHIM support. Author: ralphm. Fixes #14. This changes the …
(edit) @26:1b2138c7af62   14 years ralphm Also commit the data forms tests. References #13.
(edit) @25:fd00a744a458   14 years ralphm Refactor Data Forms. Author: ralphm. Fixes #13. This refactoring …
(edit) @24:ada867483400   14 years ralphm PubSubService?.items should return a list of Elements representing items.
(edit) @23:eae31e50e77f   14 years ralphm Remove 'self' from nested function.
(edit) @22:9edffdf4aee4   14 years ralphm Clarify use of IQHandlerMixin, fix some doc strings.
(edit) @21:7e9c11dcd6df   15 years ralphm Release Wokkel 0.3.1.
(edit) @20:480ba9e6ee3c   15 years ralphm Fix broken version handler.
(edit) @19:8df7118d8b93   15 years ralphm Clean up and release Wokkel 0.3.0.
(edit) @18:4812cc70807d   15 years ralphm Add maxItems argument to PubSubClient?.items(), lot of docs and tests.
(edit) @17:d42fd6c92576   15 years ralphm Add client support for getting items from a node.
(edit) @16:d4953672269a   15 years ralphm No self in interfaces.
(edit) @15:14a00be2ae9d   15 years ralphm Add notifyDelete to send out node deletion notifications.
(edit) @14:312a60e100c4   15 years ralphm Make sure the deferred is fired by the stream manager, so that the …
(edit) @13:b460ae320c23   15 years ralphm Add support for receiving notifications for item retraction, node …
(edit) @12:d27bd18a2e5c   15 years ralphm Add preliminary support for formats used with publish-subscribe.
(edit) @11:863dae6028a8   15 years ralphm Fix some small discovery glitches.
(edit) @10:a5e3c32d23ca   15 years ralphm Add unsubscribe method to PubSubClient?. Author: ralphm Fixes #4.
(edit) @9:ba3ccb5699fc   15 years ralphm Fix sending unavailable presence. Author: ralphm. Fixes #3.
(edit) @8:af29fb9001cb   15 years ralphm Add compatiblity module to have wokkel work with Twisted Words 0.5. …
(edit) @7:ed6025a48749   15 years ralphm Fix call to getNodes to include service target.
(edit) @6:283b6997cf7d   15 years ralphm Support services on a JID. Author: ralphm Fixes #2.
(edit) @5:534cb03910aa   15 years ralphm Reflect API change for referring to stream handler.
(edit) @4:e8e7d5543a6f   15 years ralphm Reverse how handlers are associated with the stream manager. Kick version.
(edit) @3:2aa3738c82ef   15 years ralphm Make this packagable.
(edit) @2:47f1cb624f14   15 years ralphm Add in pubsub client support, client helpers and generic XMPP …
(edit) @1:677f7d3cca75   15 years ralphm Initial, heavily worked around code drop from the idavoll and mimir …
(add) @0:95b71140158e   15 years ralphm Create repository layout.
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