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(edit) @246:388bfe3e4ea7   2 years ralphm Prepare 18.0.0 final
(edit) @244:bb294e835a2e   2 years ralphm Cut 18.0.0rc5
(edit) @240:3a201c5b385f   3 years ralphm Use incremental instead of t.p.versions everywhere …
(edit) @238:a2a4310ded26   3 years ralphm Prepare for 18.0.0 Release Candidate 3. Note that an RC 2 was cut, …
(edit) @232:59f26b03d1a9   3 years ralphm Prepare for Wokkel 18.0.0
(edit) @228:74201da6600c   4 years ralphm Prepare for Wokkel 16.0.0.
(edit) @207:3e9d00891fc4   4 years ralphm imported patch py3-examples.patch
(edit) @179:4d3066bc4034   8 years ralphm Release Wokkel 0.7.1. 0.7.1
(edit) @174:c0f51d95bf0f   8 years ralphm Add support for adding and updating roster items. Roster items can be …
(edit) @173:6b0eb01b5744   8 years ralphm Add support for roster versioning.
(edit) @172:ea2774e1c71c   8 years ralphm Clean up of RosterItem? and RosterClientProtocol?. RosterItem: * …
(edit) @170:bb143a4ae70d   8 years ralphm Add documentation using Sphinx and pydoctor, automate doc generation.
(edit) @162:8bffd58d7b6d   9 years ralphm Expose locked state of a room on join response with room created …
(edit) @156:d79ffefc3ac1   9 years ralphm Add a simple MUC client example that responds to greetings, fix a typo. wokkel-muc-client-support-24
(edit) @69:8ed65ffed8b2   11 years ralphm Fix docstring.
(edit) @68:2c6d1f895583   11 years ralphm Implement a better presence protocol handler PresenceProtocol?. This …
(add) @65:6936acbdb9bd   11 years ralphm Add support for the XMPP Ping protocol. Author: ralphm Fixes #55. …
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