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(edit) @83:255aae0cf8c5   6 years ralphm Merge in changes for Component to match changes to StreamManager?. tip
(edit) @82:276bc45eb40b   6 years ralphm Move presence probe to session manager.
(edit) @81:0b4c90f960bb   6 years ralphm Complete name change of getRosterReceived.
(edit) @80:80ed2848c4e0   6 years ralphm Don't depend on the incoming element being stripped.
(edit) @79:0752a1cca356   6 years ralphm Split out stanza module and response tracking patches, fix other patches.
(edit) @78:361e2111a663   6 years ralphm Start port to Python 3.
(edit) @77:8715d37c78f8   6 years ralphm Move classes related to XML Stanzas to their own module, fix for delay.
(edit) @76:ee1c6d6350ae   7 years ralphm Use assertEquals
(edit) @75:9b7b8b99da61   7 years ralphm Honor 'handled' on message stanza for backwards compat.
(edit) @74:355afce3af27   8 years ralphm Refactor Component to match changes to StreamManager?.
(edit) @73:f574beee3bca   9 years ralphm Minor cleanups, improved error message handling, and upstreamed patch. …
(edit) @72:727b4d29c48e   10 years ralphm Major reworking of avatars, session manager and stanza handlers.
(edit) @71:7b5ddbb2b9bb   10 years ralphm Fix traffic log format string references.
(edit) @70:cc8ecefb5519   10 years ralphm Move session lookup changes to session_manager.patch.
(edit) @69:cc2fc0173c4d   10 years ralphm Use stanzas, use methods on SessionManager? to retrieve sessions.
(edit) @68:14b59e18ecb6   10 years ralphm Checkpoint
(edit) @67:222c8fef50f3   10 years ralphm Use alice, bob and charlie as account names.
(edit) @66:b713f442b222   10 years ralphm Add many tests, docstrings for authenticator, make example functional.
(edit) @65:736d81819863   10 years ralphm Fold c2s cred patch, rework authenticator with initializers. This …
(edit) @64:c50bf0cffcac   10 years ralphm First take at a generic listening authenticator with stream features.
(edit) @63:8ff7630f7af8   10 years ralphm Start of using cred for authentication.
(edit) @62:3e957d5a5064   10 years ralphm Undo code move from wokkel.xmppim to This also adds a new …
(edit) @61:7ef6992743c8   10 years ralphm Applied reworked patches to default.
(edit) @60:a763a1289af8   10 years ralphm Add tests for RosterRequest? and fix version rendering.
(edit) @59:90b972ef16fc   10 years ralphm Add RosterRequest? and use it throughout RosterClientProtocol?. This …
(edit) @58:4b02ff624ab2   10 years ralphm Move roster patches to, add backwards compat and new …
(edit) @57:0d8b6cf41728   11 years ralphm Wokkel 0.7.0 release, clean up various patches.
(edit) @56:fa1511cccfe2   11 years ralphm First pre-release of Wokkel 0.7.0. Start of pubsub client example.
(edit) @55:00e9be0810b2   11 years ralphm Upstreamed other fix for PubSubRequest?.options, update release notes.
(edit) @54:03ec57713c90   11 years ralphm Upstreamed Request patches, split out c2s patches in managable chunks, …
(edit) @53:fd2b3f70b221   11 years ralphm Small cleanups for request handling.
(edit) @52:a6ed3b9703cb   11 years ralphm Bring client service patch in line with API changes in switch to
(edit) @51:6edeb69e910c   11 years ralphm Redo RosterServerProtocol? with IQHandlerMixin, add tests.
(edit) @50:b69ca8f7174e   11 years ralphm Cleanup JIDs a bit more and adjust affected patches.
(edit) @49:537d1413b661   11 years ralphm Save work after moving stuff to keep from wokkel.xmppim to
(edit) @48:3688f23c1c3a   12 years ralphm Upstreamed 4 patches.
(edit) @47:f6d222b68f1c   12 years ralphm Many new patches, upstreamed affiliations and worked on pubsub item. …
(edit) @46:5ec77d2dcdb4   12 years ralphm Raise exception on duplicate entities, always use bare JIDs.
(edit) @45:51ac2274f989   12 years ralphm Work on using a real Item class and managing affiliations support.
(edit) @44:a159804a94f2   12 years ralphm Upstreamed component_server.patch.
(edit) @43:db824c2e8652   13 years ralphm Split out gatherResults changes, apply pubsub and disco fixes upstream.
(edit) @42:21cea3ce1046   13 years ralphm Reorder patches, set some guards.
(edit) @41:2a1d87409c11   13 years ralphm Minor cleanups, have handlers return boolean that sets presence.handled.
(edit) @40:75ee881b216f   13 years ralphm Fix up outbound presence handling, prepare for presence subs.
(edit) @39:d6a0f8cbabf3   13 years ralphm Add message, iq and presence handling, remove ClientService? and redo …
(edit) @38:c399ade66e8a   13 years ralphm Merged xmpp c2s stuff into one patch, added routing magic.
(edit) @37:03cd0cb8548c   13 years ralphm Create factory for accepting c2s connections, split out session manager.
(edit) @36:f2953cadca90   13 years ralphm Work on roster item representation.
(edit) @35:2866eaae775f   13 years ralphm Minor cleanups to deal with changed APIs
(edit) @34:e46c5701df9e   13 years ralphm Add a bunch of new patches.
(edit) @33:b449c19f45b1   13 years ralphm Applied upstream.
(edit) @32:e1c6c20e3603   13 years ralphm Modify commit message to include ticket.
(edit) @31:76642b424906   13 years ralphm Don't render a type attribute for a field if the fieldType is None.
(edit) @30:4e2de857be01   13 years ralphm Add support for subscription identifiers.
(edit) @29:c7380726f583   13 years ralphm Remove unneeded parameter to typeCheck.
(edit) @28:4692e23155a3   13 years ralphm Add PubSubClient?.getOptions, allow form type checking without field defs.
(edit) @27:a9704141033a   13 years ralphm Ensure all modified code has unittests, add setOptions to PubSubClient?.
(edit) @26:59ace4d1df68   13 years ralphm Clean up patches, more tests, adjust copyright statements to new year.
(edit) @25:e467ff96b011   13 years ralphm Remove superfluous conversion to unicode.
(edit) @24:8116c2eaa96a   13 years ralphm More tests, integrate form-coerce-values.patch.
(edit) @23:a689746cd2b3   13 years ralphm Even more tests.
(edit) @22:bb77a1005b63   13 years ralphm Add bunch of missing tests.
(edit) @21:6e73325a5473   13 years ralphm Split off data forms changes.
(edit) @20:9e1c2535b74e   13 years ralphm Add filterUnknown for typeCheck, request.options is a form, per docstring.
(edit) @19:48bd45f41903   13 years ralphm Further adjustments on type checking, a first test for parsing …
(edit) @18:0ea51a6cd849   13 years ralphm Add patch for turning item in a non-Element object.
(edit) @17:0b77281b458c   13 years ralphm More consistent naming.
(edit) @16:06a1843068b4   13 years ralphm Add patch for pubsub subscription options, removed merged patch.
(edit) @15:3fd4aaba4a99   13 years ralphm Save recent work.
(edit) @14:f781923410ee   13 years ralphm Bunch of patches applied upstream. Added new patch for pubsub …
(edit) @13:42b22edb29bb   13 years ralphm Make these backwards compatible.
(edit) @12:fc40892815eb   13 years ralphm Make sure empty default domains works.
(edit) @11:8294ad7253bd   13 years ralphm Allow no default domain, generate a secret if not provided.
(edit) @10:2f86257dcb15   13 years ralphm Make sure digests work on older python versions, too.
(edit) @9:7f5cf72c97fc   13 years ralphm Save recent work.
(edit) @8:df351b5a2652   13 years ralphm pubsub-disco-info-42.patch was applied to trunk.
(edit) @7:0fbac5c2e97d   13 years ralphm Save current state.
(edit) @6:46e82ac33f4a   13 years ralphm Add s2s code.
(edit) @5:231bc3e8b810   13 years ralphm A gazillion changes.
(edit) @4:c8c73d9e5496   14 years ralphm Save bunch of work.
(edit) @3:5868b365661f   14 years ralphm Add patch for supplying a sender JID for pubsub client requests.
(edit) @2:ec684efc6a7b   14 years ralphm Allow multiple domains per internal component.
(edit) @1:7fc86463b39f   14 years ralphm Add patches.
(add) @0:2ee3c093fda4   14 years ralphm Setup mq patch repository.
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