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#42 Disco info requests for pubsub nodes raise an TypeError exception. ralphm defect normal 0.5 pubsub
#45 Create a class to parse and render publish-subscribe requests. ralphm enhancement normal 0.6 pubsub
#46 Allow publish-subscribe requests to be sent from a specific JID. ralphm enhancement normal 0.6 pubsub
#47 Create PubSubResource, modeled after Twisted Web Resources. ralphm enhancement normal 0.6 pubsub
#63 Implement publish-subscribe subscription options ralphm enhancement normal pubsub
#64 Service Discovery identity is not correctly rendered when not using PubSubResource ralphm defect normal pubsub
#70 PubSubService fails on unsupported features in the legacy handlers ralphm defect normal pubsub
#72 Incorrect handling of multiple child elements of 'pubsub' element in requests. ralphm defect normal pubsub
#82 Support retrieving items by id in PubSubClient ralphm enhancement normal pubsub
#1 Add server side code from Twisted branch and sandbox ralphm task normal 0.6 generic
#2 Provide support for personal publish-subscribe ralphm enhancement normal generic
#3 Fix presence unavailable in wokkel.xmppim.PresenceClientProtocol ralphm defect normal generic
#4 Implement unsubscribing from a node for PubSubClient ralphm enhancement normal generic
#5 Add compatibility for Twisted Words 0.5 ralphm enhancement normal generic
#6 Move subprotocol implementation back to Twisted Words ralphm task normal 0.5 generic
#7 Service Discovery items responses should include the node identifier. ralphm defect normal 0.5 generic
#9 Add XEP to InterMapTxt ralphm enhancement low generic
#11 Periodical presence updates aes defect lowest generic
#12 PresenceClientProtocol should store current "state"? ralphm enhancement normal generic
#13 Refactor data forms ralphm enhancement normal generic
#14 Implement Stanza Headers and Internet Metadata (SHIM). ralphm enhancement normal generic
#15 PubSubService should check incoming node configuration for unknown fields and types. ralphm enhancement normal generic
#16 Openfire needs subscription-id passed for PubSub requests (items() specifically) ralphm enhancement normal generic
#17 add a disconnect method to XMPPClient ralphm enhancement normal generic
#18 clean access to jid in XMPPClient ralphm enhancement normal generic
#20 SASL ANONYMOUS support ralphm enhancement normal generic
#22 TypeError thrown in pubsub._onSubscriptions: 'Subscription object is not iterable' ralphm defect normal generic
#24 muc client support tofu enhancement normal generic
#26 wokkel.client.clientCreator should accept a connector class as an argument ralphm enhancement normal generic
#27 Patch to fix some issues with pubsub protocol compliance ralphm defect normal 0.5 generic
#28 Add client support for Service Discovery tofu enhancement normal generic
#29 Backport XmlStreamServerFactory from Twisted trunk ralphm enhancement normal generic
#30 Backport router code from Twisted ralphm enhancement normal generic
#31 Add service for components that attach directly to a router. ralphm enhancement normal generic
#32 wokkel needs debian/ubuntu packaging love jack enhancement normal generic
#33 Add server-to-server component. ralphm enhancement normal 0.6 generic
#34 Patch for small bug in wokkel.compat ralphm defect normal generic
#35 wokkel/generic attempts to import non-existent toResponse ralphm defect normal generic
#37 client.clientCreator fails ralphm defect highest generic
#38 wokkel.pubsub.PubSubClient does not have disco methods ralphm enhancement normal generic
#40 Forms should not render all field information if type != 'form' tofu defect normal 0.5 generic
#41 wokkel.data_form.Field's has type checking issues ralphm defect normal 0.5 generic
#43 Allow InternalComponent to handle multiple domains. ralphm enhancement normal 0.6 generic
#44 Don't to type interpretation upon parsing Data Forms. ralphm defect normal 0.6 generic
#48 few issues while adding XMPPHandlers ralphm defect normal generic
#49 Adding <configure/> to a PubSubRequest ralphm defect normal generic
#50 RosterClientProtocol doesn't have an addItem function ralphm enhancement normal generic
#51 DeferredClientFactory has no streamManager ralphm defect normal 0.6.1 generic
#53 Make IQ timeouts work for InternalComponent. ralphm defect normal 0.6.1 generic
#54 Release 0.6.1 ralphm task normal 0.6.1 generic
#55 Add support for the XMPP Ping protocol ralphm enhancement normal generic
#56 RosterClientProtocol should allow for item addition as well as item removal nathan enhancement normal generic
#58 Option sorting in data forms ralphm defect normal generic
#59 field values ralphm defect normal generic
#60 variable redefinition in Field constructor ralphm defect high generic
#65 parseXml ignores first level text children ralphm defect normal generic
#66 Ping handler doesn't mark iq stanza as handled ralphm defect normal generic
#69 PubSubClient does not ignore events in error messages ralphm defect normal generic
#71 Roster sets always fail in RosterClientProtocol ralphm defect normal generic
#75 wokkel.component.Component doesn't reconnect if first connect fails. ralphm defect normal generic
#76 setuptools install of Wokkel's twisted plugin yields confusing warnings ralphm defect high generic
#77 Domains for SRV lookups must be byte strings ralphm defect highest generic
#80 wokkel.muc.DestructionRequest yields wrong stanza type ralphm defect normal generic
#81 Support Python 3 ralphm enhancement normal generic
#83 Rendering a Delay raises a TypeError on malformed timestamps ralphm defect normal generic
#84 User affiliation and role are not updated when wokkel.muc.MUCClient receives available presence ralphm defect normal generic
#85 Deprecate wokkel.generic.prepareIDNName ralphm task normal generic
#87 Use the constantly library indirectly instead of providing implementations of named and value constants ralphm enhancement normal generic
#88 Drop `BootstrapMixin` and `XmlStreamServerFactory` ralphm enhancement normal generic
#89 for 18.0.0rc4 fails with Python3 in certain locales ralphm defect normal generic
#52 Allow disco requests to have an optional sender address ralphm enhancement normal 0.6.1 disco
#73 KeyError in disco on IQ request without "to" or "from" attribute ralphm defect normal disco
#86 Drop support for Python 2.6 and older ralphm enhancement normal disco
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