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#19 priority for handlers ralphm enhancement normal generic
#21 XMPPClient takes only a JID object ralphm enhancement normal generic
#23 Add send function to MessageProtocol ralphm defect normal generic
#25 muc server support tofu enhancement normal generic
#36 basic ad-hoc support tofu defect normal generic
#57 <reported/> & <items/> in data forms ralphm enhancement normal generic
#67 bosh client support tofu defect normal generic
#68 Server-to-server connection attempts don't time out ralphm defect normal generic
#74 add support for xml:lang to DiscoIdentity ralphm defect normal generic
#78 Message stanza should treat empty type as 'normal' ralphm defect normal generic
#90 Remove Python 2 compat ralphm defect normal generic
#8 Adding XEP-0012 last-seen information ralphm enhancement lowest generic
#10 Cannibalize module for XEP:0020 Feature Negotiation ralphm enhancement lowest generic
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