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Wokkel 0.7.1

What is this?

Wokkel is a Python module for experimenting with future enhancements to Twisted
Words, that should eventually be included in the main Twisted main development
tree. Some of the code in Wokkel has already made that transition, but is still
included to be used with older Twisted releases.


 - Python 2.4 or later.
 - Twisted 10.0.0 or later.
 - python-dateutil


Wokkel's home is <>. 

Besides the general Twisted resources, help is available on the Twisted-Jabber
mailing list::


Copyright and Warranty

The code in this distribution is Copyright (c) Ralph Meijer, unless
explicitly specified otherwise.

Wokkel is made available under the MIT License. The included LICENSE file
describes this in detail.


 - Christopher Zorn
 - Jack Moffitt
 - Mike Malone
 - Pablo Martín
 - Fabio Forno
 - Kandaurov Oleg
 - Jérôme Poisson
 - Ilja Braude
 - Alexey Bezhan
 - Mayank Singh


Ralph Meijer