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#39 Add node purge and configuration methods to PubSubClient generic enhancement Dec 27, 2008

This patch provides the following methods to PubSubClient?:

  • purgeNode (purge a node of all items)
  • configureNode (request or send configuration form)
  • cancelConfigureNode (cancel configuration)

also included are unit tests.

Configuration works by passing the parsed data_form to the client callback on first request, and then allowing to call again with the modified form. .

#79 Server side client support generic enhancement Jan 28, 2013

This should cover:

  • Accepting client connections (c2s).
  • SASL Authentication using Twisted Cred.
  • Resource binding.
  • A session manager for managing a domain with (extensible?) business logic for:
    • Users
    • Sessions
    • Roster and presence exchange/broadcast.
    • IQ / Message routing
  • Protocol support for rosters and stanza exchange.

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