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    5555See also TracNavigation for a more detailed explanation of the mainnav and metanav terms.
    57 == Site Appearance ==
     57== Site Appearance == #SiteAppearance
    5959Trac is using [ Genshi] as the templating engine. Documentation is yet to be written, in the meantime the following tip should work.
    118118Also note that the `site.html` (despite its name) can be put in a common templates directory - see the `[inherit] templates_dir` option. This could provide easier maintainence (and a migration path from 0.10 for larger installations) as one new global `site.html` file can be made to include any existing header, footer and newticket snippets.
    120 == Project List ==
     120== Project List == #ProjectList
    121122You can use a custom Genshi template to display the list of projects if you are using Trac with multiple projects. 
    159160For [wiki:TracModPython mod_python]:
     162PythonOption TracEnvParentDir /parent/dir/of/projects
    161163PythonOption TracEnvIndexTemplate /path/to/template
    179181   }}}
     183== Project Templates ==
     185The appearance of each individual Trac environment (that is, instance of a project) can be customized independently of other projects, even those hosted by the same server. The recommended way is to use a `site.html` template (see [#SiteAppearance]) whenever possible. Using `site.html` means changes are made to the original templates as they are rendered, and you should not normally need to redo modifications whenever Trac is upgraded. If you do make a copy of `theme.html` or any other Trac template, you need to migrate your modifiations to the newer version - if not, new Trac features or bug fixes may not work as expected.
     187With that word of caution, any Trac template may be copied and customized. The default Trac templates are located inside the installed Trac egg (`/usr/lib/pythonVERSION/site-packages/Trac-VERSION.egg/trac/templates, .../trac/ticket/templates, .../trac/wiki/templates, ++`). The [#ProjectList] template file is called `index.html`, while the template responsible for main layout is called `theme.html`. Page assets such as images and CSS style sheets are located in the egg's `trac/htdocs` directory.
     189However, do not edit templates or site resources inside the Trac egg - installing Trac again can completely delete your modifications. Instead use one of two alternatives:
     190 * For a modification to one project only, copy the template to project `templates` directory.
     191 * For a modification shared by several projects, copy the template to a shared location and have each project point to this location using the `[inherit] templates_dir =` trac.ini option.
     193Trac resolves requests for a template by first looking inside the project, then in any inherited templates location, and finally inside the Trac egg.
    182196See also TracGuide, TracIni