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Wokkel is collection of enhancements on top of the Twisted networking framework, written in Python. It mostly provides a testing ground for enhancements to the Jabber/XMPP protocol implementation as found in Twisted Words, that are meant to eventually move there.

Currently, Wokkel provides the following enhancements on top of Twisted Words:

  • A mechanism for easier implementation of XMPP Enhancement Protocols (XEPs) as so-called subprotocols.
  • XMPP Client and server-side component support, that eases development and supports subprotocols.
  • Subprotocol implementations for:
    • Generic presence, roster and message handling.
    • Service Discovery (XEP-0030), service side.
    • Publish-Subscribe (XEP-0060), client and service side.
    • Software Version (XEP-0092), service side.
  • Data format implementations for:


The subversion repository is available at Quick checkout:

svn co wokkel


Wokkel lends it name from a popular twisted savory snack in the Netherlands.


Wokkel's primary author is [ Ralph Meijer]. In his personal blog, Ralph posts the latest developments on Wokkel and other Jabber related topics.