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Wokkel is collection of enhancements on top of the Twisted networking framework, written in Python. It mostly provides a testing ground for enhancements to the Jabber/XMPP protocol implementation as found in Twisted Words, that are meant to eventually move there.

Start here with the developer guides for Wokkel, including examples and the current API reference.

Currently, Wokkel provides the following enhancements on top of Twisted Words:

  • A mechanism for easier implementation of XMPP Extension Protocols (XEPs) as so-called subprotocols.
  • XMPP Client and server-side component support, that eases development and supports subprotocols.
  • XMPP Server support. Note that this does not yet include support for handling client connections.
  • Subprotocol implementations for:
    • Generic presence, roster and message handling.
    • Service Discovery (XEP-0030), client and service side.
    • Publish-Subscribe (XEP-0060), client and service side.
    • Software Version (XEP-0092), service side.
    • XMPP Ping (XEP-0199), client and service side.
    • Multi-User Chat (XEP-0045), client side. (new in 0.7.0)
  • Data format implementations for:


Available via the downloads section:

  • Latest stable release: 0.7.1 (2013-01-12).


Your input is much appreciated. The Twisted Jabber mailing list is home to user questions, announcements and development discussions.

If you want an account for this Trac instance, contact me. I disabled online registration due to spam.


Main repository

The main Mercurial repository is available at Quick checkout:

hg clone


Work in progress

Some work-in-progress by ralphm is in Mercurial Queues and feature clones at



Note that the old Subversion repository ( is current up till the 0.6.3 release, and is no longer updated.


Wokkel lends it name from a popular twisted savory snack in the Netherlands.


Wokkel's primary author is [ Ralph Meijer]. In his personal blog, Ralph posts the latest developments on Wokkel and other Jabber related topics.